Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wedding Cakes in Cancun

Q: I’m getting married in Cancun and am looking for a bakery for my wedding cake. The resort I am getting married at includes a small wedding cake as part of their package, but it is a simple one-tier cake and it seems to be the only kind they will make. I want more of a multi-tier cake with fondant and flowers. Do you have any recommendations?

A: It may be very difficult for you to negotiate getting a wedding cake on your own. You may save yourself a lot of work by going through an external wedding planner, even if it’s only for the cake. They would know the best bakeries in the area and would be able to make all the arrangements for you. This may save you stress, frustration, and time! That being said, we did put your question out to some wedding planners in Cancun and here's what they said:
Laura Mucel Cameras from ( says she has her own cake chef. The chef does not have her own website, but if you send Laura a photo of a cake, they would be able to duplicate it. Also, Laura would be happy to e-mail you photos of sample cakes to give you a better idea of what they can do. You can contact Laura at

My Cancun Wedding
Laura E. Vadillo from My Cancun Wedding ( shares a list of highly-recommended bakeries in the area. You can contact Laura at

1. Pasteleria La Creperia
Tel: 52 (998) 884-3420

2. Tere Casola
Tel: 52 (998) 898-9911 or 52 (998) 892-4040

3. Pasteleria Italiana
Tel: 52 (998) 884-0796

Many thanks to Laura Mucel Cameras and Laura E. Vadillo for sharing their thoughts!

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