Tuesday, February 19, 2008

International Destination Wedding Photographers

Image copyright Jennifer Dery Photography.

The following international photographers located in Canada and the U.S. specialize in destination weddings throughout Mexico. For more information, including photo galleries, visit www.strayweddings.com/find_photographer.php

Jennifer Dery Photography
San Diego, California, USA
"Jennifer Dery brings her distinct style to your wedding anywhere in the world. She specializes in emotionally charged, detail rich images that truly catch the spirit and ambience of your wedding celebration."

Whitley Goodman Photography
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"Internationally acclaimed photography team combines high end fashion photography with photojournalism. You've never seen wedding photos like this! Enthusiastic, energetic and easy to work with - just ask for referrals from our past clients. Available year-round for international travel."

Impressions Photography
Fort Myers, Florida, USA
"Let Impressions Photography tell your unique story. Our upbeat photographers have traveled with couples throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean."

Jonathan Thrasher Photography
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
"Artistic. Elegant. To truly tell the story of the wedding day, I use a non-traditional, photojournalistic approach from a fine-art point of view."

Nate Howard Photography
Austin, Minnesota, USA
"Nate takes a unique approach to his photography and captures the faces of humanity from Iraq, Kuwait, Russia, Sweden and Mexico as well as the county fair."

Alec & T. of Creative Control
San Diego, California, USA
"The most beautiful and professional wedding production in the country. Truly a rare talent, Out of the box. I would hire them on anything I was doing." - Hank Cohen, President MGM Television Studios, President Trifecta Entertainment.

Susan Pacek Photography
Denver, Colorado, USA
"Fresh, modern and distinctive. Providing high impact, inspirational images from a photojournalistic perspective. Available for destination weddings worldwide."

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