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Ethical Destination Weddings: Saying “I Do” With a Clear Conscience - Tip #5 Give Mexican Wedding Invitations and Thank You Cards

The term ‘responsible tourism’ has been used to describe tourism that is not only fun for visiting tourists, but also gives back to the world and local community by protecting nature and contributing to the lives of local people. This series of blogs will give you tips on how to contribute to the Mexican culture and economy, while preserving its beautiful land and ecological sites.

Tip #5 – Give Mexican Wedding Invitations and Thank You Cards

A destination wedding in Mexico strays from the traditional-style wedding. It is a fun, adventurous, and creative way to exchange your vows. This energy and creativity should be reflected in your wedding invitations, and what better way to introduce your guests to the idea of a Mexican wedding than through an authentic Mexican wedding invitation. You may be able to find a destination wedding theme in Canadian and American invitations, but by using invitations created by a Mexican company, you can also help support the Mexican economy.

Giving Mexican thank you cards is another unique way to say “thanks” to your guests after you return home from Mexico. You may also consider purchasing thank you cards from a charitable organization such as Unicef, which has a large assortment of affordable cards and other gifts. Finally, fair trade stores like Ten Thousand Villages carry several gifts from artisans around the world and throughout Mexico. Supporting Mexican business is now easier than ever as these kinds of organizations bring Mexican products directly into your own community.

Weddings are big business, and destination weddings are quickly becoming the new style of luxury weddings. To be an ethical bride and groom, all it takes is some creativity and extra thought. Instead of buying wedding stationery and favors from America’s largest wedding retailers, why not support a local Mexican business or even a charity in your own city? Not only will your destination wedding stand out as unique, you and your guests will feel better knowing that your wedding helps others too.

Here are a few websites to help you find unique wedding stationery and gifts. If you know of any other retailers that carry Mexican wedding stationery and gifts, please contact us at
  • – Contemporary Mexican wedding invitations, with stores located throughout Mexico and in the US.
  • – A fair trade organization with imported goods from Mexico and other countries. Has stores across Canada and the US.
  • – Unicef’s site for purchasing cards and gifts with proceeds going to charity.

Ethical Destination Weddings: Saying 'I Do' With a Clear Conscience

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