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Ethical Destination Weddings: Saying 'I Do' With a Clear Conscience - Tip #2 Hire Locally

The term ‘responsible tourism’ has been used to describe tourism that is not only fun for visiting tourists, but also gives back to the world and local community by protecting nature and contributing to the lives of local people. This series of blogs will give you tips on how to contribute to the Mexican culture and economy, while preserving its beautiful land and ecological sites.

Tip #2 – Hire Locally

One very simple way you can give back to Mexico is to hire local businesses for your wedding. By hiring local businesses, you can help these Mexican entrepreneurs and spread tourism dollars around.

Wedding Planners
Hiring a local wedding planner can really reduce the stress and uncertainty of planning a wedding in a foreign country. They can bridge the culture and language barriers, and they have intimate knowledge of their area. They know the most romantic places to hold a wedding ceremony and reception, know the best places to get flowers and wedding cakes, and can hook you up with the region’s best photographers and musicians. They will also guide you through the legalities of getting married in Mexico and make sure you have everything you need. Since not all wedding planners are equal, it’s always a good idea to talk to other couples who have used their services to ensure you’re getting someone who is professional and competent. To find a list of wedding planners across Mexico, visit

Music adds romance and ambience to any wedding, and what better way to add a Mexican touch to your event than hiring a local musician. Mariachi is the traditional choice for Mexican weddings. Talk to your hotel or wedding planner for some suggestions of local bands in the area. An alternative to hiring a musician, if this falls out of your price range, would be to purchase a CD of a local artist. Your wedding planner should be able to tell you where you can find a CD, or will even purchase it on your behalf. To find a list of Mexican musicians, visit

Photography is a very important aspect of weddings today and brides have been known to spend tens of thousands of dollars to hire their dream photographer. Mexico has some world class photographers with a variety of photography styles. By hiring a Mexican photographer you can cut back on the travel costs of bringing a photographer from your home country and help support local artists. Travel within Mexico is relatively inexpensive so if you find a photographer you love, many are willing to travel for your wedding even if they’re located on the other side of the country. To give you an idea of what Mexico has to offer, we’ve highlighted a few photographers below. For more information and photographs for these and other photographers across Mexico visit

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Ethical Destination Weddings: Saying 'I Do' With a Clear Conscience

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