Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jewish Weddings in Cancun

Q: Do you know of any rabbis or cantors that can perform a Jewish ceremony in Cancun?

A: We posed your question to some of the wedding planners in the Mayan Riviera and here's what we found out:

  • There is a cantor in Cancun who performs marriages on the beach.
  • If you want a rabbi, you would probably have to fly one out from Mexico City, which can become expensive so it may be cheaper and easier to bring your own.
  • Kosher meals are not yet available in the Mayan Riviera, but hotels will prepare reception meals to meet Jewish dietary restrictions.
For more information, talk to your wedding planner, or contact the Jewish Community in Cancun at 52 (998) 892-0674 or

Thanks to the following wedding planners for sharing their info!

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